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Processing Refunds

The section outlines the steps to initiate a refund for software purchases made through the AWS Marketplace.  This refund request does not include AWS usage fees, only the software charges.  If a subscriber requests a refund of the associated AWS infrastructure charges, please direct them to AWS customer service.  Please take the following steps when/if you receive a refund request from a subscriber:

Refund Process

  1. Record the following information from the subscriber:
    1. The subscriber’s email address (associated with his/her AWS account)
    2. The subscriber's AWS Account number. ( The account number can be found on the subscriber's AWS Account Activity screen in the upper right-hand corner.)
    3. The billing period(s) for which the subscriber would like a refund
  2. Navigate to the AWS Marketplace seller refund request form
  3. Provide the subscriber's information in the form. You'll need to provide the Product ID for the product you're trying to refund.  The Product ID can be found in your daily Subscription Report.
  4. Await a response from AWS Subscriber Service confirming that your refund has been issued.
  5. Follow up with the subscriber to confirm the refund has been issued. You may inform the subscriber that the refund should appear on his/her AWS account activity screen immediately.

Please note that monthly charges are pro-rated upon both subscription and cancellation.  Pro-rated refunds associated with cancellations will be processed automatically and require no action on your part.  If you want to refund more than the pro-rated amount, then you can use the process above to do so.

Refund Process for Free Trial Subscriptions

If you list your software as a free trial product, AWS can issue refunds on your behalf for software charges accruing within seven days of a conversion from a free trial to a paid subscription. Refunds issued in connection with free trial conversions require no action on your part.