AWS Marketplace Channel Programs

The AWS Marketplace Channel simplifies how Partners work together to sell software. Both ISV and Consulting Partners can leverage AWS Marketplace Channel Programs to expand reach, accelerate deal closure, optimize cost, and extend value to AWS Customers.

AWS Marketplace Channel Programs

Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO)

Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to authorize Consulting Partners to receive wholesale pricing on their software.

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Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO)

AWS Solution Provider Private Offers (SPPO) is a program designed for APN Consulting Partners participating in the AWS Solution Provider Program to resell eligible APN ISV Accelerate partner products listed on AWS Marketplace. SPPO expands ISV and Consulting Partner business by  providing customers with a one-stop shop for AWS Services, ISV solutions, and consulting and professional services provided by their Solution Providers. Participating AWS Solution Providers  are able to quickly extend Private Offers to their customers making ISV solutions available with just few clicks.

Channel Programs: Features

Professional Services: ISVs and Consulting Partners registered in AWS Marketplace can now list publically discoverable Professional Services alongside related offerings in AWS Marketplace, providing customers with a complete solution. Check out the Professional Services Overview.

Private Marketplace APIs: With Private Marketplace APIs, you can now bring the complete Private Marketplace experience into your existing environment to create a tailored end-to-end procurement solution for your managed customers, enabling you to continue as your customer's trusted advisor. Check out the Private Marketplace APIs Overview.

Multiple Private Marketplace Catalog: Scale your custom AWS Marketplace experiences and create a specialized experience for each of your managed customers' accounts with multiple Private Marketplace catalogs, while continuing to use API's to incorporate into your existing processes and systems. Learn more here.

Channel Programs: Training

The AWS Marketplace Training Academy accelerates onboarding, training, and adoption of AWS Marketplace programs, features, and best practices to help you scale your business more quickly. Using your APN login, sellers can now access on-demand channel program training.

Onica uses CloudRanger in AWS Marketplace to improve customer’s data backup capabilities
Onica, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, has as its core mission to help customers succeed on the AWS Cloud. To make the cloud journey as painless as possible for enterprises, Onica embraces a cloud-native mindset and uses AWS Marketplace to identify and acquire solutions for its customers.   
By taking advantage of CloudRanger, the customer now has an efficient method of backing up several hundred terabytes of critical business data. The customer is also confident its enterprise systems running on AWS can recover from disaster as quickly as possible. 
Jeremy Bendat's quote
AWS Marketplace gives Onica and our customers world-class tools to search, evaluate, and acquire these products in a seamless way. [...] They were able to rapidly get up and running on CloudRanger and meet their backup requirements in a timely fashion because of the ease of procuring the solution on AWS Marketplace.

- Jeremy Bendat, director of business development & partnerships at Onica.

Why leverage AWS Marketplace?


Speed of business

AWS Marketplace purchases appear as a line item on the customer’s AWS bill, so there is no need to create an additional PO. This can shorten the transaction time from months to days.

Breadth of choice

Customers have an approved software vendor list with pre-negotiated billing contracts.  Consulting Partners can introduce new software options to their customers.

Fewer legal objections

Seller Private Offers gives our Consulting Partners the ability to replace the standard software EULA with an existing MSA, a custom EULA, or our Enterprise Contract terms.

Operational efficiency

The increased speed of business, software choice & legal simplification of AWS Marketplace offers resellers the ability to spend more time engaging in higher value professional services.

Meet spend commitments

Certain purchases on AWS Marketplace can contribute towards AWS customer spend commitments, and can be recognized toward APN revenue goals.


Create free trial offers for your AWS Marketplace SaaS products

Maximize conversions with a more seamless evaluation-to-purchase experience for customers by creating new free trial offers for your AWS Marketplace SaaS contract products.
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