Univa Grid Engine One Click HPC Head Node

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Univa Grid Engine One Click HPC Head Node

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Running Univa Grid Engine provides the productivity, functionality and performance your organization requires - without the large investment you might expect. Univa customers improve reliability, scalability, availability, security and performance with low up-front and ongoing costs. Our customers can invest over time, scaling deployments as required - including on-demand in the cloud - based on evolving business needs and budget availability.

Create a powerful one-click HPC Cluster in Minutes with Univa Grid Engine 8.0.1.

To run Univa Grid Engine, you will need to subscribe to this AMI as well as the Univa Grid Engine One Click HPC Compute Node, also available in the AWS Marketplace.


8.0.1p6 - updated

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Linux/Unix, CentOS 5.5

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