SugarCRM Certified by Bitnami (PV)

Sold by: Latest Version: 6.5.26-4-r08 on Ubuntu 16.04

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

SugarCRM Certified by Bitnami (PV)

Product Overview

This image is for customers that require legacy paravirtualization support (PV). New deployments should use the "SugarCRM" image at

SugarCRM is one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management platforms in the market. It is a single source of information and collaboration for the enterprise sales organization, enabling companies to carefully cultivate leads and make the most of valuable customer relationships.

From first contact through ongoing relationship management, SugarCRM keeps information about customers organized and accessible to the whole sales team. Built-in analytics and reporting enables managers and analysts to gain insight into customer behavior and track the success of campaigns. Integrations with third party applications including Google Apps, Pardot marketing automation,, and social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook enable sales teams to take advantage of every opportunity.

Why use Bitnami Certified Apps?

Bitnami certifies that our images are secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices.

With Bitnami you can trust what's in the app you're launching. We monitor all components and libraries for vulnerabilities, outdated components, and application updates. When one is reported, we update and release every affected listing within a couple days at most.


6.5.26-4-r08 on Ubuntu 16.04

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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 16.04

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