aiProtect Denial of Service Protection

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aiProtect Denial of Service Protection

Product Overview

aiProtect solves the problems that http(s) web application have, when they slow down, under a high load of traffic. This traffic can either be caused by a high number of visitors or by DDoS attack. aiProtect is a Web Application FireWall specialized in protecting dynamic websites, when their webservers are overwhelmed by requests. aiProtect works like a reverse proxy server and is placed in between your origin server and the web. It works by forwarding the "valid"requests whilst dropping the "bad"traffic.

Some examples of defensive measurements include: IP blocking, enforcing client time-limits, intelligent traffic throttling, reverse Turing tests and email alert messaging. IP blocking: aiProtect identifies the offending addresses and blocks all traffic, while writing offending addresses to a directory for analysis. Intelligent request throttling: This limits requesting clients to a certain number of requests per interval. For example, aiProtect can limit a client to 20 requests per 10 seconds. This method of throttling is different from simple RPS-limiting and is much more user friendly. If your typical page consists of 10-15 items, such 20:10 limit will allow users to view a complete page every 10 seconds, presenting no inconvenience for a human, but preventing bots from taking down your server. You can deploy aiProtect without studying any programming language. Go to our web-based deployment tool and see how you can deploy aiProtect in minutes.



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