SVE - Security Console (Control 40 instances)

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SVE - Security Console (Control 40 instances)

Product Overview

Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) by Bitdefender is designed specifically for virtualized environments. Integrating with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the solution protects virtualized Windows and Linux systems from malicious attacks while providing cost savings due to the small silent agent footprint. By integrating with the AWS API sets SVE provides organizations with an intuitive centralized console to manage the Bitdefender protected instances.

SVE consists of two virtual appliances, the Security Console (SVE-SC) and the Security Virtual Appliance (SVE-SVA). Both need to be deployed for the solution.

The SVE Security Console (SVE-SC) by Bitdefender is a central web interface used for deploying, configuring, monitoring, and reporting on the security status of datacenters and end-user systems. Built on Bitdefender Gravity Architecture a single Security Console and data store horizontally scale from the smallest to largest deployment with ease. SVE-SC should be deployed as a Standard Small instance.

The SVE Security Virtual Appliance (SVE-SVA) by Bitdefender performs the scanning of the instances, de-duplicating much of scanning process to a central virtual appliance, while taking advantage of patent-pending caching mechanisms that greatly increase scanning performance and reduce Anti-Malware resource consumption within the protected guest. SVE-SVA should be deployed as a Medium Instance to support protection for 40 instances.



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