SteelApp Traffic Manager 4000L (5 Gbps unlimited SSL TPS), App Firewall

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SteelApp Traffic Manager 4000L (5 Gbps unlimited SSL TPS), App Firewall

Product Overview

Riverbed® SteelApp Traffic Manager with Web Application Firewall is a high performance application delivery controller designed to deliver fast, secure & more reliable access to public web sites and private applications & offers 'High Availability' via active-active deployment. It offers more than load balancing. It controls & optimizes end-user services by inspecting, transforming, prioritizing & routing application traffic. It inspects & processes application traffic with full payload inspection & streaming. It applies a range of optimization techniques to ensure that incoming requests are presented in the most appropriate manner to the web & application servers. Responses from the application can be compressed, cached & returned to the client at optimum speed, while freeing up resources on the server. The Web Application Firewall surrounds your applications with a strong security perimeter that establishes a secure session identifier, proactively encrypts cookies & URLs & applies site usage enforcement. Signatures & ID tools block SQL injection & cross-site scripting by securing common vulnerabilities. You receive real-time alerts & reports on attack trends, application behavior & more for full audit tracking & logging. You can test ruleset suggestions in shadow mode prior to enforcing behavior & improve performance by creating white and black lists. Web Application Firewall helps meet PCI-DSS 6.6 requirements



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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 12.04

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  • CloudFormation Template
  • Amazon Machine Image

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