Kognitio Analytical Platform Retail Data Demo

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Kognitio Analytical Platform Retail Data Demo

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The Kognitio Analytical Platform Demo-AMI provides Amazon Marketplace subscribers a single node in-memory DB instance that is accessible via ODBC and is pre-loaded with demo data. Kognitio as a yesSQL DB benefits from the rich set of functions available through that interface, including all of the available ANSI standard analytical windowing functions. This allows ease of integration with existing tools and technologies. Managing your relational objects in memory ensures the highest performance for your requirements. The in-memory functionality of Kognitio may be utilised on demand whilst data will persist in EBS backed volumes attached to the AMI. The EBS volumes support 80GB of data storage and the RAM footprint of the instance is dictated by the EC2 instance type that you choose. Kognitio is also available in multi-node form and is designed for massively parallel processing. Multi-node distributions are available for deployment via Amazon Web Services on CC2 or on any x86 platform.


7.2.1-3 (demo)*

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