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Product Overview

SHMcloud eDiscovery provides the first scalable, low-priced eDiscovery. Intended for use by eDiscovery service bureaus, enterprise and law firms, it is a fit for anyone looking for a scalable product without prior hardware and licensing investment.

The benefits of SHMcloud processing include: Speed and low cost, No need for your own hardware, No need for upgrades, you are always running the latest version of SHMcloud, You keep control of your own data, and you keep the (Amazon) keys to it!, You can use as many Amazon machines as you need, and you can shut them down after the work is done, For example, if you have 100 GB to process, you can use 50 machines and be done in about 1 hour.
Additionally, SHMcloud eDiscovery roadmap includes: OCR, Instant distributed search, Advanced analytics, Review, eDiscovery workflow.



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Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 12

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