Fortinet FortiGate-VM

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FortiGate-VM firewall provides the next generation firewall that complements native AWS Network ACLs and Security Groups to secure your incoming and outgoing application workloads and data traffic.

FortiGate-VM delivers advanced security including application control, web filtering, IPS, AV and malware prevention without the limitation on firewall rule counts. You can scale your business workloads using secure IPsec VPN from on-premise datacenter to AWS instances. FortiGate-VM helps maintain the consistent security posture with extensive segmentation and policy management over multi-layered web/app/database tiers to prevent lateral vulnerability penetration within VPCs and subnets.

The security-hardened FortiOS operating system is purpose-built for inspection and identification of malware and fully supports direct Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) for higher & more consistent performance.

FortiGuard Security Subscription Services enable visibility and control to protect against advanced threats, including zero-day attacks. Features including application and user-identity awareness; content security with integrated intrusion prevention, antivirus, and web filtering; SSL encryption/decryption; and advanced threat detection and remediation, work together to give you intelligent, effective network security.



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Linux/Unix, Other v5.6.3

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  • CloudFormation Template
  • Amazon Machine Image

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