Aviatrix Inter-Region VPC Peering 5 Tunnel License

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Aviatrix Inter-Region VPC Peering 5 Tunnel License

Product Overview

Aviatrix is a cloud native networking solution built for AWS. The solution includes a Central Controller for network service orchestration and monitoring and a multi-service GWs for connecting VPCs to VPCs or VPC to Customer Sites or VPC to Remote Users. Built to simplify (No CLI, CCIE required) cloud networking, Aviatrix enables industry's first and only Point-and- Click full-mesh, partial-mesh, inter-region, inter-cloud and global transit VPC Peering.

Aviatrix Cloud Native Networking - VPC Peering can be used for the following common use cases:
- VPC Peering across regions- centrally managed encrypted peering between VPCs across AWS regions.
- Cloud Environment isolation to keep your production and dev/ops environments insulated from each other.
- Site to Cloud Peering - IPSEC from Enterprise sites direct to VPC using existing on-prem equipment (e.g.Cisco ASA/ISR).
- Encryption over Point to Point connections such as AWS Direct Connect
- Multi-Cloud Peering - encrypted connections between VPCs and Azure VNETs/Google VPCs.
- Environment Stamping to rapidly create and scale cloud environments.
- Billing Breakdown across multiple accounts.
Note1: Aviatrix solution also supports SSL VPN access for users to VPCs. To turn on SSL VPN Service, please contact sales@aviatrix.com to procure a BYOL licenses.
- ELB based scale out VPN - remote access to VPCs for all users to the cloud.
- Geo aware cloud VPN for best user experience with least latency.



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