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Intranet Now brings you a new way to create and evolve your intranet. Easy to install, you can have your intranet solution ready to be used by your company staff in its default state in no time. Once ready, it is much easier to identify your solution specific needs, based on real customer feedback. Evolving your intranet is natural, easy and quick since Intranet Now is based on Lumis Portal, a powerful and agile portal framework. Stop spending hours, days or weeks on specifying and implementing features that end up never being used. No longer feel frustrated to identify an obvious need the day your solution goes live after several months of effort and high costs. Just launch your Intranet Now and be assertive in your evolution constantly adapting to real needs. Each image type works with a specific user limit, as follows: t2.small for 50 users; m3.medium for 200 users; m3.large for 500 users; m3.xlarge for 1000 users.



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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux AMI 2015.03 (HVM), SSD Volume Type

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