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Hyperglance - up to 500 Resources

Hyperglance - up to 500 Resources

By: Hyperglance Latest Version: 5.7

Product Overview

Hyperglance gives you an automatic, real-time diagram of your cloud architecture in detail, at any scale, while providing a searchable inventory of all your AWS infrastructure.

* Instantly have up to date documentation available.
* Export to Visio.
* Quickly find resources across accounts, VPCs or Regions.
* See how resources connect and find dependencies.
* Compare your architecture templates with reality.
* Find misconfiguration and security holes.
* List resources across accounts.

Hyperglance aggregates all your multi-account data and gives you an instantly searchable inventory with corresponding infrastructure diagrams. Detailed information is overlaid onto the map and available in the search so you can find any information you need. Advanced search allows you to create sophisticated queries using "AND", "OR" and "NO" operators. Search inside Security Groups, Route Tables and Network ACLs.

Internal security is not an issue. Hyperglance runs stand-alone as an instance inside your VPC and never calls home. You never share any credentials or data with any outside party. Getting sign off from your security team is a cinch.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2018.03

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template

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