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7 Day Free Trial Available - DocsConverter converts the most recent Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls/xlsx) and Powerpoint (ppt/pptx) documents into HTML, Image, Text or PDF.

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    Operating System

    Linux/Unix, CentOS 6.7

    Delivery Method

    64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (Read more)

    AWS Services Required

    Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS


    • Enable instant preview of documents within your web app
    • Simple APIs for easy integration within your web app
    • Supports web browsers for desktop and mobile devices

    Product Description

    DocsConverter converts the most recent Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls/xlsx) and Powerpoint (ppt/pptx) documents into HTML, Image, Text or PDF.

    Product Details

    • Version: 1
    • Available on AWS Marketplace Since: 02/04/2017

    Annual Subscription Details

    Annual software subscription requires one time up front payment with no ongoing charges, and covers all software fees for the selected instance type. Hourly AWS infrastructure usage fees still apply. Learn more about annual subscriptions


    Usage Instructions

    1. Head your browser to http://your_ip_address:8080/hermes2. Username is admin, and the default password is the instance_id of current instance. Make sure to change the password at initial signin....

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    Support Details

    Thinkfree DocsConverter

    Documentation is available within the admin console. Please visit our support site at to submit support ticket. DocsConverter customers are eligible for unlimited customer support.

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    AWS Support is a one-on-one, fast-response support channel that is staffed 24x7x365 with experienced and technical support engineers. The service helps customers of all sizes and technical abilities to successfully utilize the products and features provided by Amazon Web Services. Learn more

    Refund Policy

    We do not currently support refunds, but you can cancel at any time.

    Annual Subscriptions:

    Annual subscription cancellations or downgrades are not supported. If you need help with or want to upgrade your subscriptions, please click here

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    By subscribing to this product you agree to terms and conditions outlined in the product End User License Agreement (EULA).


    You will have an opportunity to review your order before launching or being charged.

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    Software pricing is based on your chosen options, such as subscription term and AWS region. Infrastructure prices are estimates only. Final prices will be calculated according to actual usage and reflected on your monthly report.
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    Switch to annual pricing for savings from 16%-17%.
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