Teradata Database Advanced

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Premier data warehouse software featuring Teradata Integrated Workload Management and no system concurrency limit. Customers get quick time to value and low total cost of ownership. Applications are portable across cloud and on-premises hybrid deployments.

Teradata Database Advanced includes Teradata Database with Teradata Intelligent Memory, Teradata Columnar, Teradata Temporal, Row Level Security, Secure Zones, and rights to use: Teradata Integrated Workload Management (TIWM); Teradata Studio; and Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU). These tools are included with this AMI or are available as a free download; see product documentation for details.

This AMI provides industry-leading features, fast JSON performance, and the world's most advanced hybrid row/column database. Integration with Amazon S3 includes direct backup and restore and, optionally, direct querying of data in S3.

Your subscription includes Teradata Premier Cloud Support and rights to use the following AMIs: Teradata Data Stream Controller; Teradata REST Services; Teradata Server Management; and Teradata Viewpoint (Single Teradata System).

By using this and other Teradata AMIs, you will be tapping into the core tools needed for your analytic success. NOTE: This AMI uses a 350 GB EBS volume for root disk and does not include Teradata Active System Management (TASM); Teradata QueryGrid connectivity is licensed separately.


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