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Introducing PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer, a tool that provides clarity into your VPC Flow Logs, with enriching, filtering, and sorting to help you draw conclusions quickly.

Other tools are expensive, yet not actually time-saving.
PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer's main features:
1. Provides quick access to the data you are looking for.
2. Creates clear and informative views with public and private IPs, VPC and ENI IDs to help you find the log streams you need.
3. Enriches your data with IPs and IDs from your VPC, so you can locate the log stream you are looking for without searching for long ENI IDs.
4. Provides Reverse DNS lookups, port and protocol lookups, translation of Epoch time and more.
5. Allows you to search, filter, and sort on any Flow Logs columns to help you draw conclusions quickly.

PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer is the fast, safe, and inexpensive tool that will save you time and frustration.
Instantaneous, Data arrives in PiaSoft as soon as CloudWatch Logs receives it, so there is no ingestion delay
Secure, The data never leaves your AWS account or your VPC, so any security requirements are still satisfied
Inexpensive, transparent pricing, Charge appears on your monthly AWS bill, so there is no vendor setup or contract needed



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