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SoftNAS Cloud Platinum - 10TB

SoftNAS Cloud Platinum - 10TB

By: Latest Version: SoftNAS Cloud Platinum 4.0.1

Product Overview

What is SoftNAS Cloud Platinum for the AWS Cloud Platform?
SoftNAS Cloud Platinum Edition is a full-featured enterprise cloud NAS filer for both EBS and S3 and is designed to accelerate data migration and global transfers significantly faster than using standard TCP/IP as well as helping reduce storage costs by use of auto tiering to store data based on its value to the business. SoftNAS Cloud Platinum protects mission-critical data with dedicated and predictably high performance.

Platinum is available in 1TB, 10TB, 20TB, 50TB capacity limits. It is also available based on storage consumption and compute requirements.

SoftNAS is offering for a limited time, free installation assistance. Contact us for more information on it Install.

Key Features Include:
* Simply Powerful - full-featured enterprise NAS supporting NFS, ISCI, CIFS/SMB
* Protects mission-critical and primary data with Cross-zone High Availability
* Data protection - In-flight and at-rest data security in your control
* Data efficiencies - Inline Deduplication, Compression - reduce up to 54% of storage capacity
* Petabyte Scale - From 1 TB up to 16 PB or more even in a public cloud environment
* Deliver business application performance - No application re-architecting required
* Uptime SLA - No Storage Downtime Guarantee™

What's new in SoftNAS Cloud Platinum for the AWS Cloud Platform?

* Lift and Shift provides a hassle free data migration and consolidation
* UltraFast enables migration of 100 TBs to AWS during free trial
* SmartTiers can save up to 67% on storage cost by tiering data
* SmartTiers allows auto-tiering between EBS and S3
* FlexFiles makes integrating, transforming and movement of data possible
* Tackle massively complex data integration projects combining file systems, Data Warehousing, HTTP(S), Web Services, SQL/noSQL, XML, Custom Data Integrations and more

Do these Use Cases sound familiar?

* I want to migrate my data to the cloud fast and easily!
* I want to publish content from a central location to remote locations
* I want to collect my remote offices, branch offices and factories with the cloud for big data analytics

SoftNAS Cloud Platinum Edition addresses these and more. Regain control of your business' DNA with SoftNAS Cloud.

Chat with a cloud expert to get up and running quickly.

SoftNAS offers a No Storage Downtime Guarantee™ for configurations utilizing the SoftNAS Best Practices and High Availability configuration.

If you are ready and want to create an Instance, the Design & Configure Guide and MSoftNAS documentation will help you get started.

There is also a Knowledge Base to help address some of the common subjects needing additional guidance.

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SoftNAS Cloud Platinum 4.0.1


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Linux/Unix, CentOS 6.9

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