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Graphistry Core

By: Graphistry, Inc Latest Version: GRAPH-CORE-1_1HR_V2_25_18

Product Overview

Surface the stories in your data! Graphistry's best-in-class visual graph analytics and automation empowers advanced analysts and developers.

- Visually analyze graphs from a few nodes and edges... to millions!
- 2.0 GPU Engine (w/ RAPIDS): Best-in-class accelerated visual graph analytics
- Built-in visual analytics: Point-and-click time bars, histograms, filtering, on-the-fly coloring, automatic clustering, search, ...
- Data privacy: Run in your private AWS
- Pay-as-you-go: Included in your regular AWS bill; turn instance off/on to automatically meter

- Go quickly from any raw data to insights
- Easily handle data that is non-graph, large, or complex
- PyGraphistry for easy use in data science notebooks
- Jupyter notebooks preinstalled with PyGraphistry, Nvidia RAPIDS, and training examples
- Use with CSVs, Splunk/ELK/Kusto, SQL/Spark/Impala, Neo4j/Neptune/JanusGraph/TigerGraph/DSE Graph, Pandas/NetworkX, and other data systems

- Embed stunning and full-featured visual graph analytics views
- Embedding APIs, including REST, Python, JS, and React
- Create prototypes same-day and quickly iterate with your users through PyGraphistry and preinstalled Jupyter

For enterprise teams, see Graphistry Enterprise BYO License for team visual investigation automation, on-prem & airgapped, managing TLS/logging/backups, docker deploys, and more.

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Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu UBUNTU

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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