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Clonetab - Database+EBS Virtualization and Oracle EBS Cloning Automation

Clonetab - Database+EBS Virtualization and Oracle EBS Cloning Automation

By: Clonetab Inc. Latest Version: 4.5

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

Only Software that can both virtualize and automate cloning of Oracle e-Business Suite and Databases. Use Clonetab for rapid provisioning of test data, lower storage costs, creating Oracle EBS+Database snapshots for patch testing or development.

True end-to-end cloning of Oracle e-Business Suite.
Cloning automation using Clonetab, doesn't stop at step. It continues through most of the common, time consuming post clone steps like retention of profile options, concurrent manager PCP setups, EBS users retention including their responsibilities, DB links, workflow setups, schema passwords and many more, to achieve true end-to-end cloning.

Using Clonetab, you can add save points by creating EBS+Database snapshot sets during lengthy tasks like upgrades & patching. The save points should help fallback to last successful step in case of failures (both EBS+DB).

You can also optionally build a Disaster Recovery (DR) instance. The DR EBS+DB instance will be up and running in about 1 hour.

Periodically creates snapshots of EBS+DB, to allow travel in snapshots.

Includes huge cache of out-of-the-box post clone steps and also provides framework for more site-specific automation using your home-grown scripts. Once configured, the EBS cloning tasks can be scheduled and executed without any manual intervention.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Other 7.6

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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