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Sextant Blockchain Platform

Sextant Blockchain Platform

By: Blockchain Technology Partners Latest Version: 1.0.2

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

Sextant unlocks the value of blockchain for business. It accelerates innovation by providing enterprises with a platform that they can build upon; ensuring that they focus on business application development, not blockchain infrastructure.

BTP has identified Hyperledger Sawtooth as the best emerging open source blockchain technology on the basis of its support for Ethereum smart contracts, pluggable consensus mechanism and scalable, highly modular architecture - in particular the clear separation between the network and the application tiers which makes it exceptionally easy for developers to create new transaction processors leveraging existing code and applying programming best practices.

BTP has embraced the Red Hat professional open source support business model and offers a carefully curated Hyperledger Sawtooth distribution - built, tested and maintained by its engineers and hosted in the Docker Hub repository.

Sextant is a powerful blockchain management platform that leverages this distro to deliver one-click deployment of enterprise-grade Sawtooth networks. These can either be stand alone - typically the case if a developer is testing a new blockchain application or smart contract - or join existing Sawtooth networks.

Sextant is cloud first. Under the covers it automatically generates Kubernetes manifests so that Sawtooth can either be deployed on existing Kubernetes clusters or on brand new ones spun up by Sextant on AWS using Kubernetes Operations.



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