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eMAM Cloud Platform - Production

eMAM Cloud Platform - Production

By: EMAM, INC Latest Version:

Product Overview

eMAM, a powerful web-based media asset management system, used by leading organizations for over 10 years for challenging video and graphic workflows. Our extensive XML options, configurable workflows, and well-defined RESTful APIs let organizations and partners build systems around eMAM.
The eMAM Cloud Platform-Production gives you web access to AI tagged proxy copies of all your media. You can search, browse, preview and organize media into projects. You can mark and subclip media, and build a sequence/timeline. Editors and artists can use Adobe Creative Suite panels (within Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) to access your projects, bins, and sequences and all other media. After edit/design, then can send the completed project back to system for sharing.
eMAM Production allows you to manage and control your infrastructure use and spending.
* Set up your preferred web interface.
* Upload media into your S3 buckets. eMAM automatically creates lightweight proxy copies for easier use.
* Organize media into categories, with restrictions for access and use.
* Rekognition and Transcribe AI will find faces, keywords, and other metadata to help you find content.
* Mark and subclip media. Organize in into projects, bins, and sequences.
* Editors and artists use integrated panels for their work before checking it back into the system.
* Share links for others to see the media.
* Download needed media.
The media nightmare is over. You are in control


Operating System

Windows, Windows Server 2019 with SQL Server 2017 Web Windows Server 2019

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template

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