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Vyasa Product Suite

Vyasa Product Suite

By: Vyasa Analytics, LLC Latest Version: 1.0.0

This version has been removed and is no longer available to new customers.

Product Overview

The Vyasa Product Suite includes Layar, Synapse, Axon and Retina, each of which is specifically designed for cutting-edge data analytics use cases. From data integration and search in Layar to deep learning image analytics with Retina to intuitive dynamic knowledge graph creation with Axon, experience the next generation of A.I. powered analytics capabilities with the Vyasa Product Suite.

What's included in the Vyasa Product Suite?

Layar - Layar is a secure, highly scalable, data fabric platform built specifically for enterprise analytics. Layar can be added to existing enterprise data architectures to augment analytics capabilities or can operate as a stand-alone data fabric for text, image, and data stream integration and analytics.

Axon - A knowledge graph application that enables derivation of dynamically generated knowledge graphs directly from integrated data and documents sources integrated in a Layar data fabric.

Retina - Retina is an image analytics application that offers a wide range of deep learning image-related tasks, including management, annotation and deep learning analytics on images.

Synapse - Synapse provides "Smart Table Technology" that directly connects a user's spreadsheet content to the analytical capabilities of Layar Data Fabrics.

Trace - Trace, a map-oriented application that leverages structured data to plot businesses, assets, and intellectual property in relation to trend and document content derived from Layar Data Fabrics.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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