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VM-Series Virtual NextGen Firewall w/ 5 Core Security Subs - Bundle2 AWS

VM-Series Virtual NextGen Firewall w/ 5 Core Security Subs - Bundle2 AWS

By: Palo Alto Networks Latest Version: PAN-OS 10.2.4

Product Overview

Over 10,000 customers trust VM-Series Virtual Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) to implement Zero Trust in their virtual networks and cloud infrastructure. Protect business critical data with VM-Series virtual firewalls enabling you to have complete application layer-7 visibility and control of your traffic in your AWS environment. Simplify policy definition that dynamically applies to your cloud assets based on AWS tags. Centralized management support via Panorama™ to deploy, monitor, configure, and automate security management of VM-Series virtual firewall and maintain consistent security policies across your hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments.

The following security services that are available with this product listing:

1.Threat Prevention: Safeguard your network from known threats, such as exploits, malware, spyware, and command and control attacks, with market-leading, researcher-grade signatures that do not compromise performance.

  1. URL Filtering: : Defend your network from web-based threats by limiting your cloud workloads, VDI and users safe access to the web while delivering granular policy controls to precisely define how they interact and access online content.

  2. DNS Security: Detecting and preventing sophisticated DNS-layer network attacks and data exfiltration

  3. WildFire: Identify files with potential malicious behaviors and then deliver verdicts based on their actions by applying threat intelligence, analytics, and correlation.

  4. Global Protect: Secure your infrastructure from malware and threats that can piggyback on traffic from mobile users.

Note: Follow the steps to register your firewall to the above listed security services -

Customers deploy VM-Series virtual firewalls on AWS to protect their application VPCs, sensitive cloud data, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments, mobile users, and remote networks.
  • Secure Outbound Traffic: With our URL Filtering capabilities to ensure your applications and users connect to legitimate web-based services, while stopping highly evasive phishing attacks, ransomware and other web-based attacks through the use of inline deep learning.

  • Secure inbound traffic: by stopping highly evasive command-and-control attacks. You will be able to block previously unseen, targeted malware and advanced persistent threats, keeping your organization protected.

  • Stop lateral movement of attacks between application VPCs and microsegments: Do not let cyber threats move laterally across your AWS environments and steal your sensitive data.

  • Secure VDI and remote user traffic: Mitigate the security risk to your infrastructure from mobile users by inspecting ingress and egress flows with a firewall inline. Keeping your cloud deployments secure and preventing spread of malware across boundaries.

Get started now with a 15 day free trial. At any point should you need assistance or have questions please email us at

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Additional security with additional costs: VM-Series virtual firewall with 5 Advanced Security Services and 24/7 Premium TAC Support.



PAN-OS 10.2.4

Operating System

Linux/Unix, Other PAN-OS 10.2.4

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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