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Our MDR service provides all the technology, people, and processes a client needs. We maintain our own global data lake fed by our clients' anonymized data and 80+ internal and external intelligence sources. Upon onboarding, you immediately benefit from a mature MDR platform that has built up thousands of detection rules over the past two decades. We do not have to set up a SIEM or other third party tools, which often require additional staff at short notice to implement, and we do not need to create startup use-cases - which can lead to delays. Our service is turnkey, enabling clients to instantly ""plug and play"" and gain value and insight in days.

Our MDR features include:

  • Full 365x24x7 services delivered from six global SOCs and two Development Centers.
  • Two decades of experience with delivery squads that are dedicated to clients by industry and geographies -clients know our people by name; our teams know our clients and their priorities.
  • A full cloud-based, proprietary back-end platform with 80+ integrated intelligence sources including Symantec/Broadcom, Accenture iDefense and third-party intelligence.
  • Support for all leading cloud providers and multiple cloud services, including leading CASBs, Azure Security Center, AWS GuardDuty, CloudTrail, VPC flow logs and others.
  • 90-day lookback of critical IoCs; we search for the latest threat indicators across already collected logs to ensure that 'new' IoCs are not present in past activity.
  • Scalable operations that ingests more than 200TB of data daily while maintaining SLAs/SLOs.
  • A 10-minute critical incident notification SLA and <1% reported false positive rate.
  • Endpoint and network response services that include remediation, isolation, threat hunting and advanced playbooks. These are available with a bundled tool or can be used on client owned tools.
  • Rapid time-to-value, with the ability to plug into existing platforms with no tooling or resource spin-up time.
  • Client logs that are retained on-line for 12 months and available for on-line, real-time querying and reporting via a proprietary portal, in five languages.
  • API functionality that allows integration with client SOAR capabilities as well as security devices, client ticketing, and workflow orchestration systems.
  • Support well beyond the usual Level 1 helpdesk -clients are not greeted by the “next available agent” but instead connected to knowledgeable analysts that know them, their business, and their environment.
  • Support for more than 400 unique security technologies out of the box, including on-premise, multiple cloud platforms, and OT.
  • Unique enterprise-wide pricing models that enable clients to flex with their business and the threat landscape at a predictable cost.
  • True multi-tenant environment that allows learnings from any client to be immediately applied to all clients globally.
  • Back-end artificial intelligence & machine learning supported by a proprietary analytics engine.

Accenture MDR is vendor agnostic; you select what elements of your environment you would like monitored (on-prem, cloud, or hybrid). We require no proprietary network sensors or EDR tools. Clients can select the security devices that are right for them. We ingest logs and alerts from clients' on-prem and cloud technologies either via our Log Collection Platform or cloud-to-cloud from the client's SaaS products (direct to us using APIs, with no LCP required). Clients are provided as many LCPs as they require at no additional cost. Throughout the MDR service, you are aided by a designated onboarding engineer, security analyst, and delivery lead, who provide advice on how to get the most security value from your devices and the MDR service. Accenture can also offer MDR as a dedicated deployment using a client-provided or Accenture-hosted SIEM and/or a hybrid, or a combination of all the above.

Accenture MDR also offers a secure web services API for integration with third party ticketing systems, including ServiceNow. API integration is bi-directional, allowing clients to both ingest from and submit data to our MDR Portal. Incidents are raised via phone, email, and/or our MDR Portal, which can also be used for incident handling, log query, device management, raising requests and chats with the team, and reporting.

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