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Magento2 with phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 22.04 by Eternal

Magento2 with phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 22.04 by Eternal

By: Eternal Latest Version: Magento V1.0.0.

Product Overview

This is a repackaged open-source software product wherein additional charges apply for customization. Experience a seamless and efficient way to deploy your Magento server with our AWS Marketplace product: Magento with phpmyadmin on Ubuntu 22.04. This comprehensive solution combines the power of Ubuntu 22.04, MySQL 8.0, PHP 8, and the latest version of PhpMyAdmin, providing you with an exceptional platform for managing and scaling your Magento site.
In order to create a highly optimized Magento 2 environment, we've implemented a series of essential services and configurations. First, we've installed Elasticsearch 7 to power advanced search capabilities and enhance product filtering. This ensures that your e-commerce site delivers fast and relevant search results. Next, Composer 2.2 is set up, facilitating easy package management for Magento and its dependencies.
We've also installed PHP 8.1 along with necessary extensions, ensuring compatibility and performance. PHP extensions provide critical functionality for Magento's core features and modules, making sure your online store operates seamlessly. Additionally, MySQL 8 is employed as the database server, providing a robust and reliable backend for storing product data, customer information, and order details.
Our server environment runs on Ubuntu, a stable and secure Linux distribution. To handle web traffic efficiently, Nginx serves as the web server. Nginx is not only known for its performance but also for its security features, safeguarding your Magento store against potential threats.
To further enhance speed and reduce server load, Varnish Cache 7 is configured. Varnish stores and serves cached web pages, optimizing page load times and overall site performance. This combination of services and configurations creates a highly optimized Magento 2 setup, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers and efficient management for your online store.


Magento V1.0.0.

Operating System

Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 22.04

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