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In this free consultation we will show you how, as an AWS select consultant, our team of data scientists and decision engineers can help you turn on advanced data insights and machine learning algorithms that automate, enhance, and streamline your decision making processes. Using Amazon AWS products and services 1904labs can quickly design and build cloud-native data science projects. By leveraging data-based decision making, you can improve efficiency through automation, reduce costs, and provide better service to users and customers.


Leveraging our HCDAgile approach, we identify the personas that matter (the person that manages the data, the person who analyzes it, and the person who makes the decision).

Using Amazon AWS products and services such as QuickSight, Kinesis, and other data science tools, 1904labs can quickly design and build the right solution.

With HCDAgile, it’s about getting underneath the problem from the perspective of each of these personas - and building an algorithm that benefits all three of these people.

Our strengths are not just in decision science, but with capabilities across human-centered design, data engineering, and modern software, we can deliver end-to-end decision science outcomes for your business.


    • Projects: Roadmapping, vendor/tool evaluation, data labs
    • Deliverable: Strategic advice, hands on guidance, detailed recommendation
    • Outcome: Enables expert-informed data decisions
    • Projects: Descriptive and exploratory data visuals
    • Deliverable: Automated data visualization, custom interactive dashboard
    • Outcome: Enables hands-on data exploration to power data insights
    • Projects: Advanced analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence projects
    • Deliverable: Detailed report, model/process automated and deployed to production
    • Outcome: Data-powered, human-made or automated decision
    • Projects: ML implementation & deployment, DS scalability, or DS cloud Integration
    • Deliverable: Model or process deployed within an automated platform and integrated into client system
    • Outcome: Data-powered, automated decisions

Engagement Details

  • Duration: 30-60 minute consultation and workshop
  • Fee: Free
  • Components:
    • Strategic R&D and Roadmapping: Collaborate with us to strategically evaluate and select the best tools and vendors tailored to your needs. Our expertise in R&D strategy and roadmapping will guide you through this crucial process, ensuring optimal tool selection for your business.
    • Personalized Strategic Consulting: Benefit from customized strategic advice and hands-on guidance tailored to your organization. Our team works closely with you to develop a comprehensive recommendation plan that aligns with your business goals and operational requirements.
    • Expert-Informed Decision Making: Establish a robust foundation for making well-informed decisions that drive efficiency and cut costs. With our expert guidance, your organization will be equipped to navigate complex challenges and leverage opportunities effectively, improving your business operations.
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How we support you

  • Contact us anytime at
  • We will give you all demonstration materials
  • We will help you present this content to internal stakeholders
  • We can schedule additional meetings as needed

What we do

1904labs will help you discover ways to work with 1904labs decision science experts, building a roadmap of how you can integrate Amazon AWS products and services such as Amazon EMR, Glue, SageMaker, Kinesis, and QuickSight. We will partner with you at any level from needs analysis, strategic planning, proof-of-concept development, or custom development and deployment.