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While businesses recognize the value of modernizing their application portfolios, they lack the insight to prioritize and scope these high value activities. Sophisticated mission critical applications have been developed over many years, across diverse environments and have been updated under tight time pressures. Documentation of these systems are rarely current. The complex nature of these applications makes it difficult to understand how they are structured to support business requirements and, in turn, where to make sound business investments. Development resources are focused on maintaining these systems instead of enhancing them. Business initiative and competitive advantage are undercut.

The Assessment offers a comprehensive solution for understanding application portfolios across many environments and platforms. The solution generates detailed information about the structure and function of even the largest and most complex systems. Information provided at the program and the application level empowers executives to make solid investment decisions and enables IT to identify, prioritize and execute development activities that realign applications with current business requirements. Extensive metrics, reports, diagrammatic views and querying tools support application modernization and other business initiatives.

Enterprise Analyzer delivers a wide array of tools and content aimed at supporting the spectrum of application knowledge requirements, from CIO dashboards to the most detailed program and field analysis a developer needs. EA scales to enable organizations to manage applications spanning hundreds of millions of lines of code with parallel access to hundreds of users.

With Enterprise Analyzer, organizations can build and maintain a centralized knowledge of their IT applications, regardless of age or technology. Authorized users can access EA’s structured repository according to the type and level of information required.


  1. Deliverables Inventory Report
  2. Complexity Metrics
    • Size Complexity Report
    • Cyclomatic Complexity Report
    • Maintainability Report
  3. Unreferred Report
  4. Unresolved Report
  5. Dead Code Analysis
  6. CRUD Report
  7. CICS Analysis
  8. IMS Analysis
  9. Internal Interface Report
  10. 3rd Party Utilities Report
  11. Identification of Unsupported Language types
  12. Pointers Analysis
  13. Ball Park Estimate
  14. Draft TCO/ROI
  15. High Level Project Plan
  16. Target Platform Functional Equivalent software

Solution Differentiators

Micro Focus looks at modernization across applications, processes and infrastructure. Our goal is to support our customer’s preferred modernization route (mainframe-centric, cloud-first, DevOps-driven, service-oriented) and help map that journey against a balance of cost, risk and speed. The objective is to accelerate digital transformation by delivering incremental modernization across these three distinct but inter-related areas.

Micro Focus has been successfully delivering modernization projects over 3 decades, equating to thousands of successful projects and engagements. Supported by tens of millions of dollars’ annual investment in our products and technologies, our unrivalled experience and best practices make Micro Focus ideally placed to support our clients’ modernization journeys.

Our best-practice framework, the Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model, then looks at the key considerations for any modernization project, to help plan the journey in detail.

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer represents 25 years of development and continuous improvement efforts. It boasts exceptional quality and coverage of mainframe languages parsers and unprecedented depth and accuracy of mainframe applications analysis.

Enterprise Analyzer has been built to be part of an enterprise-wide process, driving knowledge and productivity. As such, it supports a wide range of standard formats to admit and to deliver information from external systems and combines internal applications information with external information to produce application portfolio intelligence.

Enterprise Analyzer belongs to the Micro Focus Enterprise suite and includes a real time integration with the Enterprise Developer development environment.

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