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Kilo SSL Pro - Multi-Instance SSL Certificate Management server

Kilo SSL Pro - Multi-Instance SSL Certificate Management server

By: API LADS INC Latest Version: 2.0.37

Product Overview

KiloSSL allows you to

  • Easily create SSL certificates. KiloSSL was designed to create and automatically update any amount of certificates (even more than 100,000 certificates)
  • Sign the traffic using simple rules and certificates, created by KiloSSL
  • Import your existing certificates
  • This instance is ready for scale (it can be used together with LoadBalancer. There is an option to sync instances between each other)
  • Create certificates only. If you don't want KiloSSL to sign the traffic, you can use it only for certificates creation
  • Admin panel which allows you to manage certificates
  • API which allows you to manage certificates
  • Easily update to the new version. We continue to build new features. You will be able to update KiloSSL app by pressing single Update button
  • Store all your data related to certificates in your DynamoDB
  • Store all KiloSSL application logs in your CloudWatch

Use instructions on our site and start managing your certificates in less than an hour!

Kilo SSL marketplace app also known as an ACM (Automatic Certificate Management) installs a fully operational and configured nginx web server that runs our proprietary SSL certificate management system. Integrating the ACM with your existing infrastructure is very quick and easy. Once installed, simply create all of the domains that are currently pointing to your application to your Kilo SSL ACM machine. After you've successfully populated the domain list update the IP of the new ACM to have the IP address of your old proxy machine. From here on all new requests to any of the domains your app is hosting will first reach the ACM and be routed through the proxy layer all the way to the destination you specified. Once you trigger the creation of your domains's SSL certificates all of the request will also be signed by the relevant certificate within the ACM. Adding new domains can be done manually through the ACM dashboard or via a simple API call. After the domain has been added the ACM will automatically try to generate a new SSL for that domain. If successful the ACM will automatically renew each certificate until you remove the domain from the ACM. We update Kilo SSL regularly and provide free, 1 click upgrades to your ACM instance.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Amazon Linux 2

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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