Storage Made Easy S3 Drive

The Storage Made Easy S3 Drive enables users to mount Amazon S3 object storage as a local disk in the File Explorer on Windows. The Drive enables remote objects to be browsed and opened files with any application – just like a local filesystem. An Upload Manager expedites handling of large files and folders while an intelligent cache only downloads data as needed. Common use cases include shared filesystems, offsite backup, data migration or archiving to free up space from the local desktop.

Delivery Method

This software runs in a virtualized application container designed for Amazon WorkSpaces. You will need to have set up Amazon WorkSpaces and provisioned a WorkSpace for each user that will need to use this application. Learn more about Amazon WorkSpaces.

Available Versions

  • 2017-09-28Version 3.5.0


US East (N. Virginia) , US West (Oregon)

Support Details

For technical support contact We will respond within 24 hours. For sales and licensing assistance:


Please click Continue to sign into AWS. You will have an opportunity to review the End User License Agreement and pricing details for this product before subscribing.

Pricing Information
Each subscription is activated and charged the first time a user launches an application within Amazon WorkSpaces and will renew monthly until access to the application is removed for that user. Amazon WorkSpaces usage is charged seperately as detailed below.
Software Pricing

Monthly Subscription: $3.90 plus applicable taxes
You will be charged $3.90 for each user assigned to the application.

Amazon WorkSpaces Pricing

Amazon WorkSpaces provides the flexibility to pay monthly or hourly. Hourly billing consists of an hourly rate charged only when your Amazon WorkSpaces are running, and a fixed monthly fee for infrastructure costs. The chart below shows Amazon WorkSpaces monthly pricing for US East (N. Virginia). Click here to view all Amazon WorkSpaces pricing details.

Bundle Monthly Pricing Hourly Pricing
Value $25.00 $7.25/mo + $0.22/hr
Standard $35.00 $9.75/mo + $0.30/hr
Performance $60.00 $13.00/mo + $0.57/hr
Power $78.00 $19.00/mo + $0.68/hr
Graphics $400.00 $22.00/mo + $1.75/hr