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vFunction Architectural Observability Manager

vFunction Architectural Observability Manager

By: vFunction Latest Version: 2.8

Product Overview

vFunction Architectural Observability (AO) Manager enables architects to assess, monitor, find, and fix application modernization issues before they result in a technical debt disaster - the first shift-left product for architects.
AO Manager is the first application modernization solution to continuously monitor, baseline, detect and isolate critical application architecture anomalies.

vFunction Observability Manager includes the following capabilities:

AI-based identification and mapping of functional domains and their entry points

Calculation of class, transactions, files, beans, database tables, synchronization objects, sockets, stored procedures exclusivity

Identification of various objects dependencies (classes, transactions, files, beans, database tables, synchronization objects, sockets, stored procedures)

Multiple graphical representations per identified domain (call tree, class, spring bean and jar dependencies)

Ability to refine boundaries and define baseline architecture with real time feedback
Continuous analysis and quantification of technical debt level, complexity and risk alerting capabilities including:
Dead Code Found: detect emerging dead code in functional domains indicating that unnecessary code has surfaced
Database Table Exclusivity: identifies database tables that were used exclusively from a specific domain and are now used by more than one domain.
New Domain/Service Introduced: based on the observed baseline domain topology, a new domain has been detected
New Common Classes Found: building a stable, shared common library is a critical modernization best practice to reduce duplicate code and dependencies. Newly identified common classes can be added to a common library to prevent further technical debt from building up.
Domain/Service Exclusivity Dropped: alerting when new dependencies are introduced that expand architectural technical debt.
New High-Debt Classes Identified: pinpoints the highest technical debt classes that are the highest contributors to application complexity.

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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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