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In this free discovery workshop we will guide you through the intricacies of integrating and maximizing the Amazon Bedrock framework within your organization by integrating Amazon Bedrock Enabled framework into your existing infrastructure.

This workshop aims to unlock the full potential of Amazon Bedrock within your organization. Participants will explore the 1904labs framework to boost customer service and employee productivity and identify how existing systems can be optimized with Bedrock. This workshop provides a foundational understanding of enhancing customer interactions and operational efficiency through strategic application.

This Workshop Is Ideal For:

For organizations embarking on their AI journey with AWS: Jumpstart your journey into AI-driven customer service, employee self-service, and LLM-driven content generation and retrieval with our comprehensive framework.

Leverage AWS's robust ecosystem, including services like Amazon Lex for building conversational interfaces and Amazon Polly for lifelike speech generation, to create intelligent, engaging customer experiences from the ground up.

  • For businesses aiming to optimize their existing Generative AI frameworks: Upgrade and enhance your existing customer service infrastructure with Amazon Bedrock Enabled Systems.
  • For businesses seeking to elevate their existing Generative AI platforms: Bolster your customer service infrastructure with our Enhanced LLM via Amazon Bedrock.

Seamlessly incorporates AWS's services like AWS Lex, AWS Connect, and AWS Lambda for efficient serverless operations, Amazon Transcribe for precise speech-to-text capabilities, and Amazon Comprehend for deep sentiment analysis. This integration ensures a refined and progressive approach to your customer interactions, leveraging the power of AWS to enrich your AI frameworks.

Potential Use Cases:

The Bedrock Interactive Framework, powered by 1904labs, is adept at handling a multitude of scenarios, leveraging various AWS services to deliver unparalleled performance:

  • Intelligent Intent Classifier and Call Routing: Enhance your IVAs with AWS Lex and Amazon Comprehend for an advanced intent classification that welcomes users with a simple "How can I help you?" This system improves response accuracy, reduces misrouting, and offers self-service opportunities. Enhanced with Amazon Comprehend for sentiment analysis, it also provides valuable insights into customer emotions and needs.

  • Self-service: Utilize Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda to streamline user interactions by intelligently classifying user intents and requesting additional information. This framework improves customer satisfaction and deflects common inquiries from live agents, allowing them to focus on more complex cases. Additionally, we can integrate Amazon S3 for secure document storage, making internal or customer-facing information readily available.

  • Custom Chat Solutions: Use a suite of AWS services to create a customized chat solution similar to ChatGPT. Use Amazon Translate for real-time language translation, Amazon Comprehend for document analysis and sentiment extraction, and AWS Lambda for executing custom business logic. Leverage AWS's robust data protection mechanisms for PII to ensure the security and privacy of your interactions.


Framework Deep Dive & Strategic Application

  • Workshop 1: Framework Deep Dive & Strategic Application
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Cost: Free

Beyond this Offering

To continue our collaboration and help guide you through the intricacies of integrating and maximizing the Amazon Bedrock framework within your organization, we suggest the following engagements:

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What we do

1904labs will help you discover ways to enable your business with Amazon Bedrock, building a roadmap of how you can integrate Amazon AWS products such as Lex, Connect, Lamda, Cohere, and Bedrock. We will partner with you at any level from needs analysis, strategic planning, proof-of-concept development, or custom development and deployment.