Bitdefender Security for Amazon Workspaces

Bitdefender Security for Amazon Workspaces is a security solution designed specifically for cloud infrastructures. The solution protects file systems, processes and memory on any number of AWS Workspaces. Key features: • In-depth security - complete antimalware services, including process and memory introspection • Cost-effective solution through minimal resource utilization • • Provides the highest level of protection and performance Multilayer endpoint security brings you the best detection and performance benefits: • Antimalware, Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing, Trojan & Rootkit detection • Faster immunity to attacks, by adding a powerful layer of real-time protection to all customers. All endpoints are protected in less than 3 seconds from the detection of a new threat anywhere in the world • Zero Day protection against unknown threats via Behavior Monitoring and Application Control based on Active Virus Control (AVC) and Photon technologies • Content Control - Multiple thread filtering of web content enables identification of potential online threats *** ADMINISTRATORS: In order to install this application, the following registry values need to be configured on the end-user’s WorkSpace. We recommend configuring them using Group Policy. Key: "HKLM\Software\Amazon\StreamingCore\Settings\Driver\" Value Name: PhysicalLayerMode Value Type: REG_DWORD Value Data: 1 Key: “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Amazon\StreamingCore\Settings\AppEvent” Value name: AllowLocalSystem Value Type: REG_DWORD Value Data: 1 Once these registry values are configured, please reboot.

Delivery Method

This software runs in a virtualized application container designed for Amazon WorkSpaces. You will need to have set up Amazon WorkSpaces and provisioned a WorkSpace for each user that will need to use this application. Learn more about Amazon WorkSpaces.

Available Versions

  • 2015-04-08Version


US East (N. Virginia) , US West (Oregon)

Support Details

Bitdefender Enterprise Support Policies are public at this link: This page contains a section called "Bitdefender Enterprise Support Response SLAs" indicating the SLA times based on support package and severity level. For Workspaces, we will apply the Basic Support Packages SLA.

Pricing Information
Each subscription is activated and charged the first time a user launches an application within Amazon WorkSpaces and will renew monthly until access to the application is removed for that user. Amazon WorkSpaces usage is charged seperately as detailed below.
Software Pricing

Monthly Subscription: $3.75 plus applicable taxes
You will be charged $3.75 for each user assigned to the application.

Amazon WorkSpaces Pricing

Amazon WorkSpaces provides the flexibility to pay monthly or hourly. Hourly billing consists of an hourly rate charged only when your Amazon WorkSpaces are running, and a fixed monthly fee for infrastructure costs. Click here to view Amazon WorkSpaces pricing details.