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Backing Fire specializes in offering comprehensive support and provisioning services for AWS Connect, an advanced cloud-based contact center solution. Our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating AWS Connect with various AWS services, such as AWS Lex for natural language understanding and voice recognition, AWS Lambda for executing code in response to events, and Amazon S3 for secure storage of call recordings and data. We tailor our services to the unique needs of our clients, particularly focusing on the public sector and emergency communications centers. By leveraging AWS Connect, we enable these critical operations to maintain high availability and reliability for their communication systems, ensuring that calls are answered and processed efficiently and effectively.

Our team provides ongoing quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) to ensure that the AWS Connect system operates at peak performance. We meticulously monitor the interaction between AWS Connect and AWS Lex, ensuring that the automated conversations and voice recognition are accurate and responsive. For AWS Lambda, we ensure that the code execution in response to calls is swift and error-free, providing a seamless integration experience. Furthermore, we manage the storage and retrieval of call recordings in Amazon S3, guaranteeing that data is not only secure but also easily accessible for review and analysis. This continuous QA/QC process is critical for emergency communication centers where every second counts, and we pride ourselves on providing a reliable and secure system that our clients can trust in their most critical moments.

In addition to provisioning and ongoing support, Backing Fire offers tailored consulting services to help organizations optimize their use of AWS Connect. We analyze call patterns, automate workflows, and provide solutions to enhance the caller experience. Our support extends to developing custom AWS Lambda functions to meet specific client needs, designing Lex bots for more natural and efficient interactions, and ensuring that all recorded data in Amazon S3 complies with relevant privacy and security regulations. Our goal is to empower public sector entities and emergency communications centers with the tools and support they need to serve their communities better, leveraging the power of AWS to create a robust, scalable, and reliable communication ecosystem.

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Backing Fire provides full management of deployed and subscribed customer solutions, including both 5x8 routine support and 24/7 emergency (business impacting) ticket resolution.

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