MongoDB for AWS Marketplace is the high performance, document based data store that you love tuned and optimized for Amazon Web Services. Data in MongoDB is stored in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, providing flexibility during the development process. With built-in support for horizontal scalability, MongoDB allows users to build and grow their applications more rapidly. With auto-sharding, you can easily distribute data across many nodes. This AMI was built with MongoDB setup to use instance-based storage and is a great place to start for development and testing. See more

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Saved a ton of effort

  • By MY
  • on 04/30/2013

Had taken several (unsuccessful) stabs at getting MongoDB running properly by configuring an instance "from scratch." Then switched to the MongoDB AMI. The AMI ended up helping save a bunch of config effort and we also have more confidence that the instance is in solid shape.


  • By Stuart Miller
  • on 02/16/2013

Simple to get up and running. I might indicate here that the first thing you're instructed to do when you fire up the instance is to upgrade your packages. This process updates the MongoDB server to the latest, 2.2.3 at the time of this writing.

Awesome, but code dated

  • By Digital
  • on 10/04/2012

AWS package is code 2.0.x, the latest is 2.2. It would be smart for 10gen to make sure they push the latest AWS images [as new releases arise] for those of us what want to stay on top; otherwise we're forced to use standard AWS distributions and install MongoDB ourselfs.

It works, just like it should

  • By adazz
  • on 08/16/2012

Very cool. I've been playing w/ mongo on my desktop and wanted to put it somewhere else. This was perfect. However, I picked the micro instance and quickly ran out of space. I didn't put a lot of data in yet. So, I'm guessing that mongodb creates a big size block of disk. Doesn't matter, great product and solved my problem.

MongoDB 2.0.4 with the AWS Linux on AWS is a great selection.

  • By Edward M.
  • on 04/19/2012

The MongoDB code working on AWS with the Linux AMI is a great team.

The template/AMI works well. I have just started to test the server, but first pass impressions are very good.

Edward M. Goldberg

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