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Amazon Linux AMI (64-bit)

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Solid Distribution
By VoD Development
In comparison to RHEL / CentOS, Amazon Linux is feature rich, rock solid, and secure. It's a basic clone so it's RPM based and supports all Yum features / commands. Only thing that will vary is your mirror / source repository. I love being able to have the function / security of RHEL with a bleeding edge kernel and packages. Currently using this for a PostgreSQL database and it's been perfect. Your mileage may vary...
Servicible Red Hat like build, packages may lack features
By Amazon Customer
I tried this out as a micro instance attempting to stand up media wiki. Ended up dropping it because the yum repository's PHP package didn't include a MySQL driver that Mediawiki could use (CentOS works with the same packages I tried here). No other problems during its short test run, but I ended up pickign another distro to make managing PHP easier.
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