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Saved a ton of effort
Had taken several (unsuccessful) stabs at getting MongoDB running properly by configuring an instance "from scratch." Then switched to the MongoDB AMI. The AMI ended up helping save a bunch of config effort and we also have more confidence that the instance is in solid shape.
By Stuart Miller
Simple to get up and running. I might indicate here that the first thing you're instructed to do when you fire up the instance is to upgrade your packages. This process updates the MongoDB server to the latest, 2.2.3 at the time of this writing.
MongoDB 2.0.4 with the AWS Linux on AWS is a great selection.
By Edward M.
The MongoDB code working on AWS with the Linux AMI is a great team.

The template/AMI works well. I have just started to test the server, but first pass impressions are very good.

Edward M. Goldberg
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