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Bitnami SugarCRM is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running SugarCRM on Amazon EC2. SugarCRM is a flexible customer relationship management solution that can easily be customized and integrated with other software. It includes sales force automation, marketing campaigns, support cases, and more. Note that this image does not support HVM instances. Bitnami also publishes images that support the HVM format. Please look for the same application from Bitnami with '(HVM)' in the listing title to use those images See more

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Couldn't get it to spin up

  • By Tim Merkel
  • on 02/26/2013

The EC2 instance fired up, but could never get it to respond via HTTP. I am sure if I spent more time fiddling with it I could have gotten it to work...but isn't the point of a pre-built system to not have to do that?

I ended up doing my own install of SugarCRM from scratch. Took me 4 hours and now I know where everything is.

I really like the idea/intent of BitNami and am rooting for them, but in this case it didn't work for me.

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