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Terrible in terms of instructions to newbies
By Rajesh Narayanan
I will put it upfront that I am not a linux guy and also that I am new to AMI. So all the negatives here might not (or might) be BitNami's fault. But I did have my own WP installer manually setup in AWS using EC2, until something went wrong and everything went kaput. I tried BitNami thinking that the installation hurdles might be reduced.

I faced no issues in getting the AMI installed. But I faced several while trying to configure the final url (mainly) and in accessing phpmyadmin (I managed to do this). I tried going through BitNami documentation and even researched a few sites (mostly this was about updateip --appurl).

I think the biggest issue for me was that the structure of the directories is not at all similar to what I got when I had configured WP manually in EC2. Maybe this is expected, but I just couldn't overcome modifying the final url (even after managing to modify wp-config.php)!

Strangely I was charged $1 after installing the AMI. I have raised a ticket and am awaiting to see why this happened. But overall I think I wasted half a day in trying to tune this AMI according to my taste.
By Andreas Bylund
Since wordpress gets installed in it's completely useless and looks very unprofessional. I'm installing wordpress manually instead of wasting time on this.
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