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Strange Directory Structure

  • By M
  • on 09/24/2014

Difficult to use in practice. Directory structure is bizarre with symlinking everywhere. I would recommend putting this together from scratch. Will take 1-2 hours and you'll know where everything is vs. this approach.

AWS and Bitnami not for the faint of heart.

  • By John Everett
  • on 04/26/2014

I was looking for a free WordPress hosting site so I could demo a temporary website. I found this on AWS and Bitnami but found the whole process difficult to sign up for and understand the terms of the free software and hosting/billing. I never was able to get the email billing notification to work. With that said the WordPress site works great, just as if I had paid for regular hosting. To Me the whole AWS is geared toward commercial hosting only.

A little more complex than initially thought

  • By Michael Kinyanjui
  • on 03/25/2014

This product is excellent if there is nothing in the web server you would like to customize. After spending 16hrs between SSH and the bitnami wiki and community, I scrapped the server and started from scratch with a fresh ubuntu install. From start to file transfers (running website) took me 5hrs. I'm not a pro, but I thought that was the point.

My problem areas were the directory & permissions. Still alot of items that the good people at bitnami can code to allow UI configurations. Every issue I encountered seemed to have tons of discussions for workarounds (some offered by bitnami). I would offer to them to go into their discussions to document the issues for future releases.

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