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A wordpress fortress
By Iceberg Th
Bitnami's Wordpress on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is great stack. It is a fortress with lots of security measures. So secure that is a bit hard for beginner to work with. I think (checked only by HTML source view from browser, not in mod-enabled folder)that it has a Google's PageSpeed.

It is a bit harder to set W3 Total Cache. It would be nice to see it embeeded in future due to its easy integration with maxcdn.
Easy and express setup
By Paolo Barbaglia
The wordpress AMI is completely configurable and easy to use. Wordpress is installed and ready to use in a few seconds.
Login Should be Easily Accessible
By Eric Lubow
All the docs say that the username and password are what is set at installation time. The AWS version comes pre-installed with Wordpress and it takes time to figure out the admin information. For the record, it's user / bitnami. This should be easier to find.

Otherwise, this is an incredibly useful pre-built Wordpress setup for testing.
Good. Useful does what it says. Had a job figuring out how to connect
By tim 333
The thing worked fine and produced a version of Wordpress. It took me hours to figure the username and password for Wordpress are set up with are 'user' and 'bitnami' and when you try to connect to the instance you have to connect as 'bitnami' rather than ec2-user. Also when I tried converting to multisite I got some mystery error. Didn't bother spending ages trying to figure that one out
not bad
By Ryan O'connor
works well, but I had to hunt around on bitnami's help pages a bit for default ssh user and password and mysql root password. Can you publish those on this page along with the apache config directory?
WordPress powered by BitNami
By A Jorge
I have been using WP for a couple years now. I recently learned that WP could be integrated with Amazon S3. During the research to find out how this is done I found the BitNami service.
In general, I am very pleased with them.
My biggest frustration was getting the initial set-up accomplished.
There are a lot of steps from starting with Amazon S3, bringing in the WP service and then linking it all to my domain from Godaddy.
I was very frustrated with the lack of comprehensive instruction. Luckily, I found a gig on Fiverr that offered the exact service I needed.
Once up and running I have not noticed any operational differences from WP used in a more mainstream format.
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