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By Craig Becker
I wanted a template for a website that I can easily change the themes from anytime I liked to.

Easy to handle on Ec2 using AMI.

Handle to snapshot it when issue rises and roll back

Can be able to change the themes to your choice.
Brilliant and simple
By Stephen Grehan
So easy to have a WordPress site up and running within minutes I love this and will be using for every client.
Simple to setup, works perfectly
By Jesse Barron
WordPress powered by Bitnami is super easy to setup and everything is properly configured once it is. The only thing to know is that it installs in There is a SSH command that can be run to change it to the root. I'd never needed to use SSH before and fumbled around but eventually figured it out -- it was user error.

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to run WordPress on AWS.

It's even free if you're on the micro free tier plan.
Wonderful AMI for testing!
By Pablo D.
We use this AMI for setup a micro-instance for wordpress. We don't have any idea on how to make it, so we use it to setup the environment and after it, we migrate the database and the app.

A wonderful environment!!
By Amazon Customer
A Great AMI - Does exactly what it says on the tin, Wordpress can grab updates with no problems unlike others. Well structured FS. Fast reliable AMI. Thankyou Bitnami!
Very useful package
By RurlZone-Amazon
Very easy, intuitive and fast solution for publishing WordPress. the process is easy and the wiki is very comprehensive. thank you.
Very easy to set up, easy enough to customize
By Jacob Schwartz
This AMI significantly reduced my setup time. I could definitely have started with a basic Ubuntu AMI and installed everything myself, but why spend hours on the basics when I could jump straight into a working stack?

The Bitnami documentation could probably use some work but they've covered most of the really needed questions. It's not too hard to figure out details they've skipped.

I feel a little secure in the knowledge that Bitnami have thought about security in their setup but I haven't really delved into my instance yet to know whether they've got everything set up as I would prefer.
Thanks for a great free AMI
By Kyle
I love all the goodness in this AMI. However, the lack of clearly identified credentials (user/account to shell into the vm; 'bitnami' with your aws key and then the WP credentials, I think are 'user' 'bitnami' Er, you know to disable that account ASAP, right?) are poorly documented.
Approachable enough
By Adam Daily
Straightforward and did exactly what I needed. There are plenty of great didactic resources available online for the technically disinclined. Thanks Bitnami!
Excellent and simple
By Kon Georgopoulos
Enter the new age...why bother hooking up apache, mySQL, PHP, WP when you can get in in a box! thanks...
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