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OpenVPN Networking Platform provided by JumpBox

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Don't waste your time...
By Ara J.
Configuring this server is a royal pain. If you want OpenVPN to be simple to install and configure, use the AMIs directly from OpenVPN instead listed here:
OpenVPN server port not working
By Cristian Tala S.
I could not make the server configuration to use the default or other port.

It always use 1981.
Not yet suitable for remote access to a VPC
By David Colebatch
If you were thinking of outsourcing your small IT operations to a VPC and using software VPN clients to connect, take a pass on this AMI until they solve the NAT'ing issue.

You can't NAT with this AMI, so you won't be able route traffic through the VPN to your private subnets.

I hope I can update this review soon with positive news!
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