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Great product!
By K.M.
Apica's ProxySniffer is an extremely well designed, well documented, powerful and intuitive product that can easily be learned by non-programmers as the documentation suggests. One can easily generate loads (up to 200,000 virtual users!) from any of AWS's worldwide data centers on an extremely affordable, hourly basis.

The resulting reports are exhaustive, customizable and professionally formatted allowing one to quickly share results with team members while identifying the bottle necks.

Best of all, one can download and run it for free for up to 20 virtual users. This allows one to safely learn and test the software risk free.

Best of all, Apica Support is EXTREMELY responsive and knowledgeable. Questions are answered within minutes.

Having used the product for a little over a week, it is now obvious to me why RightScale has partnered with Apica!
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Custom plans 1000 - 100 000 VU with a free 50 VU option.