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Mixed Performance + Ever increasing prices
By MTwain2
Dev Cloud is great for development, perhaps the best tool available for serious Drupal developers.

However, it has serious limitations when it comes to production sites.

1) Shared Varnish - They use a shared Varnish which means no matter how much you invested in your server specs, your application delivery will be dependent on shared resources. One site of ours performed better on shared Dreamhost hosting than on Acquia Dev Cloud on 16GB RAM.

2) Varnish location - If your primary server is located in Sydney and bulk of your visitors are in Australia, your site will still be slowed down because Acquia's varnish server will not be in Sydney hence you will be worse off by using the mandatory Acquia Varnish.

3) Ever changing prices - When we joined the Developer subscription, it was $200 or something like that for the whole year. It quickly went to $99 a year and then they started taking away features from $99 subscription and now you need to pay $250 a month if you want the same features you got from $200 a year subscription only six months ago - 12 times hike in just 6 months.

In my view, Dev could is not a good value anymore unless you are a big corporate or Govt. organization with deep pockets.
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