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aiScaler Dynamic Site Acceleration & Traffic Manager

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Perfect solution for high traffic and caching
By Austin
aiScaler helped us out in an urgent situation, when our traffic suddenly reached more than 200k simultenous users. A friend of mine recommended using aiScaler. Their support team was able to set up a call within a matter of hours. I gave them access to my AWS account, so they could set up advanced caching and rewriting rules, in real-time, while explaining what they were doing over Skype. At the end of the 45 minute call, my application was capable of handling all the traffic. It has been very pleasant to work with them.
one of a kind
By Guillermo Dewey Guerra
there are many products that would do kind of the same, but aicache does give rocksolid stability, performance and most of all flexibility. I had some trouble in the beginning but now on 2013 they fixed many things that made this product a hell of a good choice for cache / load balancing solution!
Aicache = WIN!
By Brandon Allhands
Aicache does what a simple web cache should do - but wait, there's more! It can also so some pretty awesome pattern matching, as well as DDOS protection, nice logging and extremely flexible (Yet still simple) configuration. AIC has allowed us to eliminate 2 backend application servers, which has more than paid for itself.
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