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IBM WebSphere Application Server drives business agility by providing developers and IT Architects with an innovative, performance based foundation to build, reuse, run, integrate and manage Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications and services. WebSphere Application Server offers the highest levels of reliability, availability, and security. The WebSphere Application Server AMI provides Amazon EC2 users with a fully configured solution for the development and execution of SOA applications and services. It is available on Linux SLES 10 sp2. Additional information about how to re-p... See more

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Under powered

  • By CMOps
  • on 01/16/2013

The following exception occurred. Check log for details. [Root exception is java.lang.OutOfMemoryError]

You are only offering 1.7 GB RAM for the small or high CPU cycle image. Just not enough power, so constantly timing out.

Spent a day experimenting with WAS 8 AMI.

  • By SP
  • on 08/29/2012

Most of the day was configuring and trying different things, but it might have been 2 times shorter if startup procedure would‘ve been faster and few points stressed in instructions (also I had issues to get to console other than via browser java ssh).
Eventually I got it working, but still can’t get integrated with RAD8
Last block I hit was problem to deploy from RAD (seems to be due different internal and external IP’s?)
Error is:
The publish encountered some problems and the application may not have been installed or it may have been successfully installed but was unable to start.
Failure uploading archive to server:
Upload retry limit exceeded for file C:\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\tmp1346197981926\IBM_QuoteStreamer.ear. Exception: ip-10-110-107-114.ec2.internal:

- spomytkin at gmail

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