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Spent a day experimenting with WAS 8 AMI.
Most of the day was configuring and trying different things, but it might have been 2 times shorter if startup procedure would‘ve been faster and few points stressed in instructions (also I had issues to get to console other than via browser java ssh).
Eventually I got it working, but still can’t get integrated with RAD8
Last block I hit was problem to deploy from RAD (seems to be due different internal and external IP’s?)
Error is:
The publish encountered some problems and the application may not have been installed or it may have been successfully installed but was unable to start.
Failure uploading archive to server:
Upload retry limit exceeded for file C:\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\tmp1346197981926\IBM_QuoteStreamer.ear. Exception: ip-10-110-107-114.ec2.internal:

- spomytkin at gmail
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