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Backup software
By SRHammond
After reviewing several products to backup a small business server (SBS 2008), I went with this product. It has lots of options and works with multiple cloud platforms. It is simple and easy to use. They answered all my questions during the trial period and even talked about future possible features. Great folks to work with.
CloudBerry saved our data twice now
By Brian B.
After losing 2 data vault units to hard drive failures, we were able to recover all our files thanks to CloudBerry. When we migrated to a full server, this was the first program I installed.

CloudBerry is easy to setup and very intuitive. Customer support is fantastic.
Cloudberry is Excellent! - Great Product & Customer Service!!
By James Mackay
I had some questions regarding Archiving to Glacier using Cloudberry. I talked with Service Representative Sergey over a conference call using GoToMeeting. He walked me through and explained what my issue was with great detail.

The product is fantastic and the support from Sergey was outstanding.

Thank you to all at Cloudberry. You guys are awesome..

2 TB Backups one Locally to one to Amazon S3
By Michael Hart
We used HP Data Protector for years, our tape drive would lock up the server several times a week. It was very expensive to use. The backups were proprietary so you had to use their software to restore a single file. The files weren't indexed so a single file was difficult to find if you didn't know exactly where it was originally stored.

Cloudberry backup is so simple to use and understand. We backup our 4 servers to a local backup server and another copy to Amazon S3. We have several million artwork files, we backup in real-time with version control. If you need to restore 1 file or a whole folder it can be done easily in a few minutes.

Amazon S3 has continually worked to reduce our storage costs. Their tech support has been very helpful the few times we have needed them.
Good, Simple to Use and Reliable
By Carlos Agnese
With this product I have traveled all the roads that the company offered me and wanted to support.
Downloaded the trial version, I tested it with the excellent support of CloudBerry people, and on the way, the benefits of the product convinced me to buy the first copy of CloudBerry Backup.
Have passed several months during which this copy has kept for safekeeping in the cloud the files of our business server, so far the task more heavy the software gave us was its periodically updates, provided by CloudBerry. The result of the backups, which are controlled periodically is excellent.
At some questions during installation, support response of company sector was quick and effective.
Two months ago I bought another copy to backup files of my personal computers and the result was equally effective.
I believe that for its quality and effectiveness is a product that deserves the five stars.
Highly recommended !!
Excellent product
By Kaveh
Did some initial testing and this product does everything it promises. Its not hard to find software these days that lack proper testing and QA procedures, which results in buggy software. Cloudberry is fortunately not one of them.
Not only does it perform well without bugs, but their support is fantastic too, I had some questions around the product which I got very prompt responses to from a REAL PERSON! wow...

Great product, great company, good for me and my clients. I am using the bare metal for server backup, the functionality that is available is incredible and the UI is great.
Awesome Product
By Lowen Corporation
this software does exactly what we needed it to do and really like the simplistic user interface it makes it really easy to use. We used it a trial and was able to get it to work with our new Backup Software, I love that fact that it mounts as a network drive this allows us to more easily manage our S3 Cloud storage. Awesome Product guys/gals looking forward to more in the future.
Great, Simple to Use and Reasonably Priced
By Alan F.
I have used this backup and explorer software with my Amazon S3 account and have found it to be very good. In fact, so good that I am rolling it out to certain customers of mine.

I have so far purchased 8 server backups , 4 desktop backups, 1 explorer S3 pro and 3 explorer S3 free.

The scheduled bandwidth throttling is a great feature. Initial backups can take days or even weeks, so throttling back the upload speed during business hours automatically is brilliant.

The fact that all editions of the software support network shares (such as NAS drives) is also fantastic.

The price point is unrivalled. Server backup at £47 and Desktop backup at £17 can't be beaten.

Highly recommended.
Excellent Product!
By Romin
I've been using this product as a trial (Server & Bare Metal) and it is excellent. About to put an order in for 2 x server and 2 x bare metal. They are being used in 2 primary schools (approx. 400 students - 300gb backup data) and it will save the school approx. 1k per annum compared to the current solution. Really impressed so far!
Terrible Support for a buggy software
By Amazon Customer
I have no doubt that this software will work for small companies of a few (less than 3) servers or backup locations. But if you have more than that, I wouldn't necessarily use them. In general, I find their support to be utterly useless, their software is buggy as hell. These 2 factors really detract me from using this software at all. Let me get into the details:

1. On Software bugs. I work for a startup and we use them as they have easy integration with AWS, however, pretty soon after we put some work on this backup software it stops backing up. Backups that should take less than 30 min runs for 16+ hours and do not finish. Seemingly stuck. If there is a software limit, I as the customer would like to know about it so that I can work around it if need be or just use a different software. If this is a bug I would expect them to investigate and fix this problem. They have done either, which brings me to my next point.

2. On Support. Since this backup has been broken, I have been in contact with support. First I noticed that there was some RAM contention on my 32GB RAM backup server, so I gave that a bit more beef, because why not and if you do a search for backups not progressing with Cloudberry you will find other users stating that the process eats a lot of RAM, okay, sounds inefficient, but I can work around that. But after the upgrade not doing anything to solve the problem, I opened a support case 1/8/2015 and to today 4/29/2015, I have not gone any further than the day that I opened the case. Except they have asked me to upgrade my software twice, since they have been patching through my ticket lifetime and both times gave me issues on my server after a patch. Support is also in EU time and thus I get at most 1 message with them a day.

3. Lastly I want to talk about their patches. Especially with the latest .46 patch. It doesn't have any internal rollback. If the patch fails, don't delete my files. If you remove those files and the patch fails, you will leave my app in an unusable state, but nope, CB decides that it is okay to do this patch without any roll back built into the installer.

That's just my thought, but if I was looking for a software to runbackups, I wouldn't choose Cloudberry no matter how cheap they are.
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