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Excellent Product!
By Romin
I've been using this product as a trial (Server & Bare Metal) and it is excellent. About to put an order in for 2 x server and 2 x bare metal. They are being used in 2 primary schools (approx. 400 students - 300gb backup data) and it will save the school approx. 1k per annum compared to the current solution. Really impressed so far!
Terrible Support for a buggy software
By Amazon Customer
I have no doubt that this software will work for small companies of a few (less than 3) servers or backup locations. But if you have more than that, I wouldn't necessarily use them. In general, I find their support to be utterly useless, their software is buggy as hell. These 2 factors really detract me from using this software at all. Let me get into the details:

1. On Software bugs. I work for a startup and we use them as they have easy integration with AWS, however, pretty soon after we put some work on this backup software it stops backing up. Backups that should take less than 30 min runs for 16+ hours and do not finish. Seemingly stuck. If there is a software limit, I as the customer would like to know about it so that I can work around it if need be or just use a different software. If this is a bug I would expect them to investigate and fix this problem. They have done either, which brings me to my next point.

2. On Support. Since this backup has been broken, I have been in contact with support. First I noticed that there was some RAM contention on my 32GB RAM backup server, so I gave that a bit more beef, because why not and if you do a search for backups not progressing with Cloudberry you will find other users stating that the process eats a lot of RAM, okay, sounds inefficient, but I can work around that. But after the upgrade not doing anything to solve the problem, I opened a support case 1/8/2015 and to today 4/29/2015, I have not gone any further than the day that I opened the case. Except they have asked me to upgrade my software twice, since they have been patching through my ticket lifetime and both times gave me issues on my server after a patch. Support is also in EU time and thus I get at most 1 message with them a day.

3. Lastly I want to talk about their patches. Especially with the latest .46 patch. It doesn't have any internal rollback. If the patch fails, don't delete my files. If you remove those files and the patch fails, you will leave my app in an unusable state, but nope, CB decides that it is okay to do this patch without any roll back built into the installer.

That's just my thought, but if I was looking for a software to runbackups, I wouldn't choose Cloudberry no matter how cheap they are.
Cloudberry Enterprise Backup
By Doug Mabry
I have been using Cloudberry backup for about 6 weeks. I have backed up a few hundred gig worth of data and everything has worked great.

During the review process I was contacted by CloudBerry to check on my progress. I had a few questions which I asked via email. I had a response within a day.

I have used several of the "big boy" products in the past. While lacking some of the features found in those product, I have found this to be a great backup solution.

I have also done some restores and they have worked flawlessly.

Keep in mind this is based as a file backup option. I have not tested the "bare metal" option as we utilize virtualized servers. Don't expect to backup your virtualized servers to the cloud and restore them.

Based on my experience I highly recommend Cloudberry. It is easy to use. Quick to configure and simply "gets the job done".
The Best S3 Front End Backup Product I've Seen
By John Simon
We traditionally back up all servers to tape & NAS, but wanted to implement a DR strategy so investigated lots of available options for cloud backup.

We went through an extensive test with another vendor's product and I have never seen anything fail so miserably. Then we started testing Cloudberry's offering.

There were a couple of bugs we had to work through to get the user credentials to validate but once we did, it was crazy easy to set up both SQL and file backups, and they have been running flawlessly on 4 servers for about a week.

I would have given them 5 stars, but their Exchange product does not yet offer granular restore down to the mailbox level. We've been very pleased.
A hidden gem that keeps shining brighter!
By PCWizard
We have been using Cloudberry Managed Backup Service for almost a year to manage the backup for our 100+ clients. The Remote managment capability is unsurpassed, the feature set is extremely rich, and the product keeps getting better with a wide variety of backend storage platforms.
If you are an IT Service provider, you would be wise to consider using Cloudberry Managed Backup Service to provide the backup needs of your clients.
Great Solution
By Harry McIntosh
This software is easy to use, provides great functionality, and the cost of the underlying AWS account is very low. In all, it's a great solution for businesses which wish to backup their servers to the cloud.
Server edition file level backup
By S. Duffy
I've never used this product before, but after installation everything was so intuitive that I had a fully customised file level backup up and running in under an hour, including the time needed to setup Amazon IAMS for a backup specific user account and Glacier storage.

Service setup is simple too, and the email notification system is great (don't have to spend extra time configuring your own SMTP service!)

For the price and number of features this is a great product.
Super product
By Phil
This is complete software and it works great. I like the email notification functionality. It works as a service and it starts back with a reboot.

Super software.
Just what I was looking for
By Thomas Jensen
I had been searching for a good backup solution for a couple of weeks before I stumbled upon CloudBerry. With all other services that I tried I was tied to their online cloud solution. And in many cases I was not in control of my encryption key, I simply had to trust them. I did not feel in control of my data.

With CloudBerry I am in control! I love that I can choose my own cloud provider. Their software passes the "Trust no one" tests, more information here:

I've found and reported one tiny trivial bug, still I got a new build after three days that solved it. That is what I call rapid response customer service.

I'm having difficulties finding something I dislike about the product. I highly recommend it to anyone, concerned with security, who is looking for a cloud based backup solution.
Great product and support
By Neil Erlichman
The product is fantastic. I originally purchased the server back up product and then upgraded to the bare metal backup product. I am in no way an IT professional but was able to get my server and databases backed up to Amazon through the product's simple wizard function. Also, whenever I emailed support with questions the responses were super fast. I was paying over $100/m to backup 130 gigs via crashplan. Now I'm paying $4.00/month. No brainer. I highly recommend the product.
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