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Horrible support, broken product
By CCCRC 5th District
I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone in a production network environment. I've had a client purchase this software and backed up all of their files. The backup, while slow, to glacier did work. But now, in the event of a disaster, restoration is impossible. The software will get through 200-900 files (I have 40k I am trying to restore at 24gb) and then fail. This causes me to have to wait another 5 hours for glacier to process my restore request. I've been working on this for 5 days now and I have only been able to get back 2000 files. I have put in 4 tickets to the developer, but even though we purchased the maintenance agreement, they have not once tried to contact us in the 5 days. BEWARE of this product if you ever think you will need to do a restore of more than a couple of files. Do not use this in a business environment because there is NO support during an disaster recovery event and the software simply doesn't work. I give 2 stars instead of 1 simply because the software might work for a company backing up a file or two. For reference this is backing up/restoring a file share on a win2k8 server over a 20meg metro fiber.
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