CloudBerry Explorer Freeware for Amazon S3

CloudBerry Explorer makes managing files in Amazon S3 storage easy. By providing a user interface to Amazon S3 accounts, files, and buckets, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. See more

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Tested this app and can't be more happy

  • By Adrian M.
  • on 03/04/2016

I'm going to use this app a lot. I was searching for something like that for days, and I had lost hope that I could get something like CloudBerry Explorer for free. I mean, it has advanced features like custom asymmetric sync, with progress and speed indicators, you actually know what's going on. Simply amazing app. Thank you, CloudBerry.

Does what it advertises and more

  • By Karlis Schulmeisters "degsme"
  • on 02/18/2016

We run a Windows Azure environment in which we have directories with very large number of files (tens of thousands)

No other Azure Cloud Storage browser allows us to access these directories with anywhere near close to the performance of Cloudberry.

As we are in startup mode we are currently using the free service. The moment we start generating revenue we are going to upgrade to the pay version. This is a great product

Best Tool for syncing your S3 buckets

  • By Randall Eike
  • on 01/12/2016

This is the best tool I've found for managing S3 buckets.

I used it to synchronize a huge directory structure in S3 to my local computer. I tried Cyberbuck, but it gave me lots of errors during the download process. With CloudBerry Explorer, I setup the "Sync Folder" and ran it over night and in the morning the process was done.

I'm just scratching the surface of the functionality available - it is hard to believe this is a free tool!

Best product for managing S3 files

  • By Platform Tools EC2
  • on 09/16/2015

Cloudberry Explorer makes "surfing" S3 so easy! No need to use the slow and cumbersome AWS control panel. With this product, you can browse and locate files easily, and even move them around (all you have to do is drag and drop!). You can also open files with one click and it downloads the file and opens it for you using the appropriate software. If I sound like a fan girl, that's because I am one!

I have to deal with a large number of files that get dumped into S3 everyday and as anyone who has ever used S3 knows, it's a pain to have to scroll through hundreds of files using the AWS control panel. So, I'm just glad I got so fed up with it one day that I googled "S3 file browser" and found this product.

One of the Few Freeware Softwares I Continue to Use Regularly

  • By mtntgr714
  • on 07/21/2015

Cloudberry Explorer remains "One of the Few Freeware Softwares I Continue to Use Regularly". Why? because it just plain works and is easy to use. Added Bonus - it allows you to bypass having to download data when moving data from bucket to bucket - thus saving you money. I actually upgraded to the paid version. Really.

Best freeware package around

  • By Defra Transparency Team
  • on 05/12/2015

I am not a technical wiz so I needed something pretty accessible and fast to manage our S3 account. I tried a few packages alongside each other and came to the conclusion that Cloudberry was the easiest to use and pretty fast to boot. Perfect for my very humble purposes, but with enough features in the freeware version to really help me manage my data efficiently. Currently sharing my experiences with colleagues in the hope that we will take a punt on the full version with the added functionality.

Hidden limitations

  • By Reader101
  • on 10/22/2014

There is a 5GB limit they dont tell you about and none of the data you are transmitting is secure or encrypted.

Reliable and Easy t o use

  • By TomT
  • on 12/16/2012

I am an IT consultant of several non-profit organizations. One of them just started Amazon Glacier, and I was looking for an reliable and easy tool to upload files to the server.

I tested a couple of similar software including FastGlacier, one of the most popular ones, but I ended up with CloudBerry Explorer. It is much easier and more reliable to manage files on Glacier. The others do note tell me exactly what is going on in the background.

Please compare features of Free and Paid version. If your business needs what Free version dose not offer, it is worthy to upgrade.

Great freeware

  • By Ano Nym
  • on 06/13/2012

I use the CloudBerry Explorer to syncronize or archive data between my laptop, workstation@home & workstation@office.

For me the main benefits are:
.)the configuration to access Amazon S3 is easy
.)Upload to / Download from Amazon S3 is like using a file manager
.) no need to use Amazon S3 Management Console

All in all CloudBerry Explorer is a recommandable product

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