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CloudBerry Explorer Freeware for Amazon S3

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Hidden limitations
By Reader101
There is a 5GB limit they dont tell you about and none of the data you are transmitting is secure or encrypted.
Reliable and Easy t o use
By TomT
I am an IT consultant of several non-profit organizations. One of them just started Amazon Glacier, and I was looking for an reliable and easy tool to upload files to the server.

I tested a couple of similar software including FastGlacier, one of the most popular ones, but I ended up with CloudBerry Explorer. It is much easier and more reliable to manage files on Glacier. The others do note tell me exactly what is going on in the background.

Please compare features of Free and Paid version. If your business needs what Free version dose not offer, it is worthy to upgrade.
Great freeware
By Ano Nym
I use the CloudBerry Explorer to syncronize or archive data between my laptop, workstation@home & workstation@office.

For me the main benefits are:
.)the configuration to access Amazon S3 is easy
.)Upload to / Download from Amazon S3 is like using a file manager
.) no need to use Amazon S3 Management Console

All in all CloudBerry Explorer is a recommandable product
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